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Stainless steel propane gas grill adapter hose 48 squirrel proof

Weber 6501 6-Foot Adapter Hose for Weber Q Series and Gas Go-Anywhere Grills
Sale Price: $23.97 List Price: $29.99

  • 6-foot flexible tank adapter hose
  • Connects portable grill to a 20-pound fuel tank
  • Connects to a Type 1 (791) cylinder
  • Fits the Weber Q series grills including Weber Baby Q, Weber Q 100, Weber Q 120, Weber Q, Weber Q 200, Weber Q 220
  • Also fits Go-Anywhere gas grills

Connects to a Type I (791) cylinder connection on a 20-lb. LP tank. (Fits Weber Baby Q, Weber Q 100, Weber Q 120, Weber Q, Weber Q 200, Weber Q 220 and Gas Go-Anywhere gas grill.)

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